Benefits of calcium citrate on calcium carbonate

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The researchers at UT Southwestern medical center, Dallas have reported that the absorptive capacity of calcium citrate is better than calcium carbonate as it is efficient in preventing osteoporosis in the initial stages of post-menopausal women. The risk of reduced bone density is caused by the lack of calcium in the bones. The experts say that calcium supplements taken at the right time will help prevent loss of bone in aged people. Which form of calcium will prevent osteoporosis and bone loss in early period of post menopausal women?
A few studies compared the importance of calcium citrate over calcium carbonate and focused on finding out which was absorbed properly. One of them was published in the American Journal of Therapeutics in which the data were analyzed from 15 other clinical trials evaluating the bio-availability of calcium. Bio-availability refers to the amount of calcium that is absorbed from the supplement rather than the amount present in the supplement.
Another study was published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology by Dr. Howard Heller. This study compared and investigated two calcium over-the-counter medications called CitraCal or calcium citrate and Os-Cal or calcium carbonate. In this study, the researchers concentrated on the pharmacokinetic properties of calcium representing the gradual increase of blood calcium concentration in a six hour period after a single oral dosage. This method was shown as better one than evaluating the change in calcium level due to its excretion through urine. Another study was also published in the American Journal of Therapeutics explaining the ability of calcium citrate in ending the bone loss during the early post-menopausal women.
All the above research studies revealed and established the advantages of the calcium citrate form of calcium supplementation. The results of the first study, which were analyzed from 15 previous clinical trials indicate that calcium citrate was absorbed by 22 to 27 percent better than calcium carbonate.
The second study dealing with the commercial preparations of calcium identified that Citracal was highly bio-available compared to Os-Cal. Hence, calcium citrate was absorbed rapidly and to a large extent. The author in this study emphasized that even in very favorable environment calcium citrate was better absorbed than calcium carbonate. The researchers of this study could observe that the extent of calcium citrate absorption was 2.5 times higher than calcium carbonate.
In the third study, the authors focused on the uses of calcium citrate in the initial stage of post- menopausal women. In this study conducted for about two years, 57 women in the early post- menopausal stage and six women of late post-menopausal stage were taking calcium citrate medicines every day. These women could stabilize the bone density in the spine, in the forearm and at the top of the thigh bone as they were taking calcium citrate which can avoid bone loss. The women in the same study taking placebo did not show any improvement in the bone density and had a severe reduction in bone densities of spine and forearm.
These studies collectively convey the message that calcium citrate therapy alone can prevent the bone loss in the early part of post-menopausal women. It is also found that calcium citrate is effective for long period. In India the drug comes in several brands like Calcinova Forte of Innova Formulations Private Limited.


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